Sometimes I wonder how certain people can manage to always seem organized even though chaos is screaming around them. In work environment it is extremely appreciated to manage complexity as nowadays almost nothing is absolutely predictable. After talking to people and after thinking about if there is some recipe for dealing well enough in all kinds of difficult situations, I ran into one blog post that inspired me to take a look at somebody’s internal happiness before making conclusions about special abilities that person may seem to have.

Is happiness in private life necessary in order to reach happiness in everyday professional life?

If I would have a chance and time to interview a few people, I could guess that some of them would say it is not needed. Anyhow, from my previous job experiences where I had a chance to deal with many different people, I can dare to say that there is a strong connection. Our own habits, our friends and the amount of positivity that surrounds us affect our behaviors in work environment. Even though we all are individuals and there is no need to generalize to make conclusions, I will share my perspective of which simple things we all can do in order to stay positive in all situations and, finally, to be friends with ourselves. Peace in mind, peace in life.

Manage to stay alone without feeling lonely

We are social animals and no matter to which extent we are individualistic, we need to socialize in order to be able to function. Nevertheless, happy people are first of all happy with themselves. They don’t depend on confirmations of the others in order to feel appreciated and better.

Discuss ideas and avoid gossiping

Talking about what somebody has done and being mad at others because they don’t fit in our local mind environment means losing precious time without any concrete purpose. Our brain is not using its logic, in fact it is almost turned off when we repeat the stories about what somebody has said or done. Instead of that, we should try discussing more about different and new ideas. Making plans for our future, daydreaming, sharing wishes that may never come true can make us richer persons. Apart from that, we will use our brain effectively in order to find the best solutions and try to do new things.

Try to solve small simple problems immediately

When we realize that something is wrong, we tend to focus too much on the reasons that caused the problem and we may forget about trying to provide the solution. At the end of the day, we get stuck in the problem characteristics and we don’t have the will to solve the problem so we leave it for tomorrow, for Sunday or for forever. There is the difference between daily simple things and bigger problems that need time and patience. If we manage to see the difference, we will realize that smaller problems so simple that they don’t require much time. Solution oriented mind may be useful in detecting and solving this type pf problems. Detect, think about alternatives and finally, react and sleep well.

Some dreams will never come true and that is fine. Nevermind, dare to dream big.

It is beautiful to have dreams that help us going forward and that make it easier to wake up in the morning because we have the thought: ”Today I will do one more step towards IT”. Anyhow, some dreams may be too big for one lifetime or some dreams may be absolutely unrealistic because after all, we live in reality and we depend on many different things. Nevertheless, dreaming about things that we would like to achieve may bring us to even better places for us. If setting high standards can motivate us, we should never stop dreaming big. It will create positive atmosphere in our minds and we will create positive environment around us.

Being organized is great. Being spontaneous is fine as well.

Waking up at the same time every morning can create positive habit. The way we start a day can affect our productivity. Being on time for business meetings is appreciated, but it can also make us feel better and satisfied with ourselves. Organization in everyday life can help is in achieving all the goals that we have in our calendar. On the other side, leaving some space for spontaneous behavior can be useful for avoiding routine than can make us unmotivated. Small things make difference. Balancing between plans and unexpected things in a right way can make our mind more peaceful.

Social relationships need food and effort

Friends from childhood may always stay our friends from childhood. Anyhow, when we are not children anymore, new people come to our lives and new friendships are created. Ability to distinguish which relationships deserve more attention than the others will allow us to put an effort in valuable things. Some people just come and go. A few of them will stay in our lives for a long time. We should make sure that we don’t regret losing people just because we realized things too late. Not only individuals need food in order to survive. Relationships need it as well. To refresh and to feel alive.